TNP for Teams is designed to be deployed during large-scale search and rescue operations, environmental cleanups and multi-state conservation projects with teams using with their mobile devices to collect and visualize data. TNP for Teams synthesizes and displays collected data to speed in-the-field decision-making and creates a digital record of all field activity.

TNP for Teams seamlessly integrates powerful desktop mapping software, a cloud connected mobile data collection platform (compatible with all GPS-enabled iOS and Android devices), and a robust Web portal. TNP for Teams users can plan projects in the office, collect data in the field and access projects from the Web—simultaneously. Geo-referenced data such as tracks, waypoints, photographs and video can be shared, updated in near real-time and displayed on the included topographic, aerial/satellite or street base maps. Individual team members are permitted to view and manipulate data, and to locate fellow team members in the field or from the office.

Organizational Structure

  • The purpose of the organization is to create a structure to assist in segregating the projects appropriate to geography, territory, or other arbitrary collection suitable to the customer.
  • From the web interface, the customer’s administrator can manage users, teams, devices, licenses and, subscriptions.
  • Users of the system can also manage their own information that provides the customer complete self-management of their TNP resources.

Primary Components


  • Once a customer activates two or more subscriptions for the same organization , they are provided with a primary account to manage licenses, privileges, users, teams, and projects for their business.
  • Each user subscription includes access to desktop software, mobile applications, and web applications to use interactively between these platforms to match the task at hand

Desktop, Mobile, and Web

  • The desktop client is available to each named user in an organization and can be installed on one primary computer for a specific state or region. Customers can purchase additional states that can be installed on any computer with a valid desktop client license.
  • The desktop software has a robust set of mapping features
  • In addition to the desktop software each named user has access to mobile and web applications
  • If an organization has two or more subscriptions in the same account then the Team Tracking features are automatically enabled when users work with TNP Mobile applications

Additional States

  • If a specific desktop client requires more than one state/region, additional states/regions can be purchased and assigned to a specific user that already has a desktop client license.
Team Tracking

What are Teams?

  • Teams are a collection of users that belong to an organization and can be entirely self-managed by the organization’s administrator
  • The team list is used to provide a means for TNP desktop, mobile clients, and the web site to segregate content in such a way that information is shared only with those who need access
  • Any user can belong to one or more teams within the same organization providing maximum flexibility for data access

What is Team Tracking?

  • The TNP for Teams functionality is built in to Terrain Navigator Pro and provides valuable safety information for search and rescue teams, firefighters or anyone else who needs to know where workers are in the field at all times.
  • TNP for Teams functionality is automatically enabled when an organization has two or more user subscriptions
  • In order to use the team tracking features, your computer must be hooked up the internet and the people in the field need to be using the TNP mobile app in cellular coverage. The locations of your team members are automatically tracked and plotted on Terrain Navigator Pro’s maps in near real time. Team members can also transmit short messages or activate an SOS feature.

quotes Team Tracker worked very impressively this evening on a small search mission- very effective in efficiently directing searchers in the field to the lost parties and following their return to mission base.”

- Bill May, Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, Inc. (July 2014)
  • Users on both the mobile and the desktop have the same near real time visibility to any team member’s location including the desktop if an external GPS accessory is attached.
Web Management
  • Fully featured account management - customers manage their accounts, business profile and their users.
  • Full license management – view and manage all licenses and assignments to users in the organization
  • Manage teams
    • Create teams and assign users to teams
    • Assign privileges to users such as data collector, project editor, or team leader.
    • View projects associated with teams
  • Manage users
    • Add or remove users to the organization
    • Migrate licenses between users
    • Reset passwords
    • Assign privileges to users to manage the organization